After first announcing our consortium in 2021, we formed Brigg Vind in 2023 as the home for our joint offshore wind project at Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN II) in Norway. In November 2023, Brigg Vind confirmed the decision not to submit a pre-qualification application for the first phase of Sørlige Nordsjø II.

Together, Vårgrønn, Å Energi and Corio Generation have unique expertise across offshore wind, power systems, energy markets and financing. With strong local anchoring and global experience, we will contribute to a sustainable offshore wind industry in Norway that creates positive local impacts.

The Brigg Vind name pays homage to the strong maritime tradition and expertise of Norway. In Norwegian, a Brigg is a sailing vessel with two square-rigged masts. Vind – wind in Norwegian – captures the main business activity of the consortium.


Vårgrønn is Norway's largest pure-play offshore wind company, with a 20 % stake in the world's biggest offshore wind farm under development, Dogger Bank in the UK.

Vårgrønn’s team has strong offshore wind expertise and experience from large international offshore wind projects. A joint venture company, Vårgrønn can also draw on the resources and expertise of its owners, the global energy company Plenitude (Eni) and the Norwegian investment company HitecVision. Vårgrønn provides speed, agility and entrepreneurial spirit, while having access to the financial resources, systems and execution capabilities required to deliver on large-scale projects. Vårgrønn has submitted bids for two floating offshore wind projects in Scotland and are developing early-stage offshore wind opportunities across Europe. Vårgrønn is project manager for the Brigg Vind consortium.

Å Energi (previously Agder Energi) is Norway’s largest renewable company with activities throughout the value chain​.

In addition to 11.3 TWh (2.5 GW) of own power production, Å Energi is an expert at Nordic power trading and market design, managing a power portfolio of 35 TWh. Å Energi is the grid operator in the region where the connection from Sørlige Nordsjø II hits land and has more than 20 years’ experience in developing overseas connections. Å Energi is a leading regional developer of green industry more broadly, operating across batteries, hydrogen, solar and digitalisation, as well as offshore wind.

Corio Generation is an international offshore wind developer with one of the largest offshore wind project portfolios globally, totally more than 20 GW in their pipeline.

Corio Generation has experience with the entire lifecycle of offshore wind projects, from origination, development, construction and operations. Corio has experience from many different countries in building up local value chains, while simultaneously drawing on global value chains they already have. Together with partners, Corio recently won a 1.5 GW area in the UK (Round 4) and rights for 2GW in Scotland (Scotwind West of Orkney Windfarm). Corio Generation has large capital capacity via its owner, the Green Investment Group.

Future of offshore wind in Norway

Brigg Vind believes strongly in the long-term potential of commercially viable offshore wind projects in Norway, where offshore wind is uniquely positioned to generate vast amounts of renewable power, reduce emissions, and create new jobs and industry.

We are committed to playing a part in realising Norway’s significant offshore wind potential.